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Kickstart Your Match Journey!

Invite, Be Invited, Missed Invites

Super Invites

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​How to Match

Your thoughts, interests, anything...

1. Use quote to make yourself outstanding

Show people around you…

2. Select distance

Describe yourself and let people with the same interest find you …

3. Add tags

Get a personalized matching experience…

4. Configure gender and age preferences

Kickstart Your Match Journey!

Accept screenshot

The invite last for 15 seconds, you need to accept it before the countdown finishes.

Invite, Be Invited, Missed Invites

Quick invite and instant reply

Sent illustration

Past invitations will be shown on the missed invitation page. You could accept 1 free missed invitation every 24 hours. To enjoy more, please subscribe our Sugar Gold.

Never miss an invite

chat screenshot

You can enjoy up to 8 free conversations at the same time. (Accepting Super Invite has no limit)

Chat Freely

Multiple chat spaces


If you want to match with a different person, just tap the leave button to quit. Just note that once you leave, there is no way to recover the chat anymore.

Chat rooms

gift screenshot

Sugarcoins are the heartbeat of our app, serving as the currency for meaningful connections. Earn them through daily mining and walking.


Walk to Earn Sugarcoins


Redeem Sugarcoins for Super Invites and gifts, enhancing your match and chat experience.

Capture the Best Match

Each new member using your invitation code will boost your earning rate by 25% when both of you have initiated the earning session.

Want more Sugarcoins?

Sugar Gold plan

Subscribe to Sugar Gold

Unlimited Invitations & Stand Out with Sugar Gold. Upgrade now!

Sugar Gold

Swipe right on your target and use Super Invite. It makes you stand out with a different look (purple countdown), and Super Invites will be shown in order of priority and the invitation time extended to 30 seconds. They aren't bound by chat limits, as they can be accepted within 7 days even if the counterpart's chat limit is reached.


Super Invites

Boost up 4X matching rate!

Super like illustration

You receive 1 free Super Invite daily. To unlock more by exchanging Sugarcoins or subscribing to Sugar Gold for 10 daily invites.

Want more Super Invite?

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