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  • Yes, Sugar is completely free to join. Our core feature like match, invite and chat are free to use!

    You could also subscribe to unlock premium features, such as unlock chat limit and look back missed invitation.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to use Sugar.

  • No. Other side's device shows "User left" only if you actively leave the chat room.

  • When you reach the limit of maximum chat rooms, you may want to quit some of the chat rooms to receive/send invitations.

    In addition, you may enjoy more chat rooms by subscribing Sugar Gold.

  • Login with Google or Apple account or your Facebook or phone number. Enter something that you want to say, invite or be invited. Once the invitation is accepted, an anonymous chat room will be created. After the conversation started, you may leave anytime as you wish. You won't receive any message from that conversation and you cannot back to the conversation.

  • Do not want to be repeatedly invited by users? Seeing something that annoys you?

    You can ignore users who invited you, and users you haven’t chatted with. To report someone, pull left and tap "Report".

  • You can report users that you’re chatting with, users who invited you, and users you haven’t chatted with.

    • To report someone who invited you or you haven’t chatted with, pull left and tap "Report".

    • To report someone who are chatting with you, tap the "Report" at the right corner in the chat.

    The safety of our users is very important to us. We encourage you to report and ignore any suspicious users or behavior.

  • No, you cannot review the messages or reply once you left the chat. Treasure everyone you meet, think twice before you actually leave the chat.

  • You may report it to us. We will follow up once we have received the report.

    You may report the user by swiping left on the quote of the user, tap "Report" and fill in relevant information.

    Or you may report the user by tapping "Report" on the header of Chat room and fill in relevant information.

  • Sugar separates users based on the region of your Internet Service Provider, i.e. You will only see Canadian users if you are using Sugar in Canada. As for making friends from overseas, we do not have the release schedule yet.

  • Sugar is an anonymous social app. Everyone is completely anonymous, just use a quote to represent yourself. Less burden, be true, more friends.

    You will see others' quote, you may invite them or be invited. Once invitation is accepted, you got an anonymous chat. You may also choose to disclose more about yourself, such as hobbies and region, to let others know more about you.

  • After downloading Sugar for iOS or Android, you can create your account via your Facebook/ Google/ Apple account. Be sure to log in using the same method each time, or you will create multiple accounts.

  • In general, subscription cannot be refunded. If you have any special reason to request a refund, please follow the instructions below:

    Refund of Subscription on iOS is handled by Apple, please click here to view the details of Cancelling Subscription and How to request a refund.

    Android user may contact us at and provide registration details.

  • Swipe right on the target candidate, you will see the Super Invite button.

  • Swipe right on your target and use Super Invite to boost up 4X matching rate!. It makes you stand out with a different look (purple countdown), and Super Invites will be shown in order of priority and can be accepted at any time. They aren't bound by chat limits, as they can be accepted within 7 days even if the counterpart's chatroom limit is reached. Enabling users to send normal invitations while sending Super Invite.

    Keep in mind that the account that reached chat limits will no longer able to send any invitations, including Super Invite. All users are able to use Super Invite once per day. Sugar Gold users are able to use 10 times per day.

  • You can check it on "Profile" page.

  • Sugar Gold provides premium features, including Unlimited Chats Limit, Send 2 invites at the same time, Boost Exposure, Fancy Look,10 Super Invites per day, Accept Past Invitations enabled, and Remove All Advertisement. If you want to know more, please read "Subscribe to Sugar Gold”

  • Keeping you safe is and will always be a top priority. We use automated tools to scan interactions like messages, solely for indications of harmful or illegal behavior.

    Our trained agents may review interactions that are flagged by our automated tools or in response to a user report. We may also use these examples to train our technology to improve our ability to find and remove similar content.

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