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Our Vision

Sugar App - Where Every Step
Sparks a New Connection!

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Sugar is your go-to app for finding the perfect match! We imagine a world where every step builds closer connections. Our app turns daily walks into a journey of meaningful interactions, where users earn Sugarcoins for each step. Engage in anonymous matchmaking, using Sugarcoins to gift and unlock Super Invite to dive into the unknown, where every match is a chance for genuine connection. Join us on a path where footsteps lead to wellness and the joy of new friendships.

Want to kickstart a meaningful chat?

Here's how

You can easily earn Sugarcoins by mining and walking every day.

1. Walk and Get Sugarcoins

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Tell us who you want to chat with, and Sugar app will quickly match them!

2. Start Matching with a Click

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Choose your preferred match, and they have 15 seconds to accept the invitation.

3. Invite or Be Invited to Chat

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The stress-free anonymous chat has begun! Don’t forget to use Sugarcoins to exchange and send gifts to your crush!

4. Begin the Meaningful Chat by Words

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Match & Chat

Live, Meaningful Matches. Chat Before Pics! Stay private; no need to fill out personal information. Discover who's nearby through location services or connect with others using specific topic tags. Build trust through text-based interactions. Prioritize text-based interactions over profile browsing for authentic conversations.

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Sugarcoins are the heartbeat of our app, serving as the currency for meaningful connections. Earn them through daily mining and walking. Redeem Sugarcoins for Super Invites and gifts, enhancing your match and chat experience. Step into a world where every coin earned enriches connections!

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Want to boost your Sugarcoin mining rate? Refer new friends to join Sugar App, and for each active referral, enjoy a 25% increase in your mining rate!

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Super Invite

Boost up 4X matching rate! Swipe right on your target and use Super Invite. It makes you stand out with a different look, and Super Invites will be shown in order of priority and can be accepted at any time.

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Walk into meaningful matches. A new spark.

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Every Step

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